Optimize Your Customer’s Decision Journey & Engage Their Influence Loop.

The funnel is dead!  The Customer Decision Journey and the Influence Loop is the new model for customer engagement.

The Customer Decision Journey

Today, brands must make the Customer Decision Journey central to their business. That assertion is based on overwhelming evidence that brand advocates habitually share information on the products they use, are thought leaders in their constantly expanding social circles and their actions influence the opinions and purchase decisions of many others.

Social customer’s really emphasize the input of those who define their  graphs. They evaluate the shared experiences of those they trust, and expect business to respond to their socialized questions.
– Brian Solis

Beehaus is one of the first firms in the United States dedicated to helping Fortune 1000 brands envision, strategize, and implement content marketing programs. At the core of content marketing is the thesis that the web is being rebuilt around people.

Beehaus has over 30 years of combined in-house experience helping brands re-invent themselves via digital channels. That combined with our stable of best of breed partners allows us to offer some of the most comprehensive and robust content marketing services in the marketplace today.

Content Marketing Solutions

Graph Strategy
Start by understanding how graphs impact your business, competitors, and customer experiences.

  • Customer social & interest graph identification & visualization
  • Social customer identification & segmentation
  • Graph-informed tailored value propositions
  • Channel mix and messaging strategy
  • Competitive insights
Social Solutions
The graph is about what’s important to the potential customers you are trying to attract. They are giving you, through their social and interest graphs, a wealth of information about their influencers, aspirations, desires and shared interests. Brands may use this data to offer better user experiences and more targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Influencer campaigns
  • Fan/Follower acquisition campaigns
  • Community management
  • Graph enabled social & mobile apps
  • Graph enabled websites & landing pages
  • Distributed social touch point marketing & service
Story Solutions
Stories that drives conversations define any great content marketing program. Creating and curating this conversation demands great content that audiences actually want to engage with and share.

  • Content strategy
  • Editorial calendar development
  • Seeding & syndication
  • Conversation management
  • Trending content curation
  • Original content creation (post/articles, digital photos, digital video)
Search Solutions
Keywords effectively were the first major source of graph data at scale through search engines like Google and Bing. Indeed, both of those search engines have begun to dimensionalize their results by adding a social layer to their algorithms (Google via Google+ and Bing via Facebook). Successful SEM and SEO efforts today require tight integration with social and content marketing programs.

  • Facebook Graph Search
  • Google Knowledge Graph
  • Facebook Open Graph, Twitter Card, & metadata
  • Keyword construction, maintenance & analysis
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) bid management
Enterprise Solutions
Strategic partnerships with other brands leverage their community, communications & commerce channels to significantly increase pre-qualified market traction for your business.
Beehaus offers full-spectrum strategic and tactical support to magnify clients’ brand awareness, market penetration and interactivity via strategic partnerships with complementary brands whose networks can deliver a steady stream of new customers or benefits for existing customers. We have been developing leveraged marketing alliances for our clients for over 20 years, creatively synthesizing strategic relationships and managing their logistical complexities to produce results in the marketplace.
After a new campaign is launched, Beehaus can help monitor its adoption and performance as defined in the original strategy:

  • Big data
  • Data visualization
  • Performance dashboards
  • Social monitoring
  • Edge rank analysis
  • Campaign analytics
  • Advanced analytics (cohort analysis, predictive modeling, etc.)