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By: Jeremi Karnell, CEO

The classic marketing funnel that suggested there was a narrowing array of decisions and choices until purchase has been replaced by a dynamic Customer Decision Journey (CDJ). The CDJ model, conceived by David Edelman – McKinsey&Company, suggests that today’s customers take a more complex iterative path thru and beyond purchase (See “Consider the Honeybee When Attracting Your Social Customers“).

Within the inner circle of the CDJ is the Influence Loop,  a complex lattice of social networks, content networks, and search networks that transmit important signals regarding a customer’s experience before, during, and after a purchase decision.   A major by product of the Influence Loop is a mountain of real-time data (likes, tweets, tags, check-ins, etc).  Below is a new beehaus infographic detailing the amount of graph marketing data that is generated every minute.


Graph Marketing Data Generated Every Minute Infographic


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