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DataSift has just announced that it’s officially licensed to sell access to tweets from up to two years ago. Previously, companies could only look back 30 days with competitor Gnip’s similar service, and Twitter users can only scroll back far enough to see seven days’ worth of tweets.

DataSift and others already offer expansive realtime analysis of tweets as they come in. Its current service doesn’t just hand off millions of tweets a day to its customers — instead, it adds context and insight to help companies make sense of all the data. For example, information like whether an update was positive or negative in tone, what topics were discussed, how influential the update was (using Klout), and where the update was placed are included. DataSift Historics, which is available today for existing DataSift users and in April for everyone else, lets its customers perform the same analysis on tweets all the way back to January 2010, at a rate of about 250 million tweets per day. According to BBC News, the service starts at $1,000 per month for an entry-level package suited for individuals, but prices scale up from there depending on how the data will be used and how big the company that uses the service is.

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