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By: Jeremi Karnell, CEO

Yesterday’s post titled “Graph Relevance: The Rise of Graphs in Marketing & Advertising” offered a basic introduction to what graphs are and how brands should start to think about Graph Marketing.

Today’s post offers an infographic that details the pros and cons of the leading graph platforms in the market today. (By no means should this suggest that I think these are the only graph platforms).  I selected to review Google, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn as they all have recently announced new graph related features and functions to their products.  Furthermore, I believe these graph platforms are the furthest along when taking into account their ability to offer brands a path to engage with customers via their networks.

I would like to give a special shout out  to Shashank Garg.  His article titled “Is Google (not Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn) poised to win the Graph war?” was the primary inspiration & content source for my illustration.
Leading Graph Platforms(HD VERSION – 300dpi)

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