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By: Jeremi Karnell, CEO

The Altimeter Group conducted a survey in 2010 that asked 140 Corporate Social Strategists “What three external (go-to-market) social strategy objectives will you focus on most in 2011?“. The #1 priority was integrating social with their corporate website. Now this could mean many things to many people. Some brands believe that simply adding links out to their Facebook and Twitter pages qualifies as “social integration”. Others have started the process of allowing for social content aggregation and curation to occur on their own .com, functionally feeding content from external social sites back into their corporate site. Fewer still have implemented the tools and processes necessary to allow their corporate site to provide social context and seamless integration, the most advanced stages of the social website maturity model.

In order for brands to take an evolutionary step in how they integrate social with their corporate website, they must commit to the principals of Social Design and leverage their customer’s interest graphs, conversations, and identity to intimately inform their site experience. Below is an infographic that details four important steps in this exercise:



The Wall Street Journal and Time have both taken the above mentioned steps by implementing Gravity’s Personalization technology on their respective websites. We predict that even more brands are bound to follow suit in 2012.

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