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By: Jeremi Karnell, CEO

Last week, we published a post titled Your Social Customer’s Habitat where we shared information from a Bzzagent study detailing the platforms brand advocates use to share information about your products and services.  This post will detail data from that same study to reveal specific  behaviors of  brand advocates.   These individuals are content machines.  They are 2x more likely to write and share information about your brand to their social circles and influence the opinions and purchase behavior of many others.  Understanding who these customers are and having a strategy to engage them effectively should be a major priority in any brand’s business strategy.

Social Customer Behaviors

Influencing Opinions and Purchase



People Ask Me For Information

  • Advocates 65%

  • Web Users 39%

People Make Purchases Based On My Information

  • Advocates 57%

  • Web Users 38%


Source: The Actions, Motivations and Influence of Brand Advocates

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